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“Thank you for getting me back to the game.”

Basketball is Michaela O’Brien’s passion.  When leg injuries threatened this student athlete’s ability to play, she was devastated – until she sought help from experienced orthopedic sports medicine specialist Dr. Kevin Mosier at Labette Health.

“I was playing basketball and I was in defense mode,” she recalls of her injury. Then, she was shoved down by another player, twisting and turning her leg as she fell.  Her coach immediately suspected a torn ACL, which was later confirmed by Dr. Mosier.  “I was recommended to see Dr. Mosier at Labette Health because I’d heard he was a really good doctor,” Michaela said.

She said he didn’t just ask how her leg was; he wanted to know when she wanted to go back to playing sports. “He knew it was a big deal to me,” she said.

Nursing and physical therapy staff also provided encouragement and helped her through the rough spots. She recalls crying every day after basketball practice because she couldn’t play. As the months of rehab went by, however, she found herself steadily improving. Dr. Mosier planned her surgery and recovery towards her sports activities, making certain she would be strong again.

“Dr. Mosier got me through all of it – got me back to playing basketball, the game that I loved,” Michaela said.  “I was training harder, getting faster, my leg was getting stronger,” she remembers. “I wasn’t going backwards, I was gaining more and more.”

“Thank you, Dr. Mosier, for getting me back to the game and thank you, Labette Health, for getting to know me on a personal level and providing me with great service.”

“It was a big deal to me”

Michaela O’Brien, Parsons Student, Athlete


“A great recovery!”

Mallory Flowers loves sports, especially volleyball, track and basketball. In a recent basketball game she turned around after grabbing a loose ball and her knee suddenly felt like it slipped out of place.

An MRI at her local hospital confirmed she had a torn ACL. They recommended she come to Labette Health for surgery.

“We chose Dr. Mosier because he also had a daughter that underwent this surgery,” she said. “We felt that he would take the same care in helping me as he did in his own daughter and get me back to playing the sports I love to play.”

To Mallory’s delight, she was able to start volleyball after six months of physical therapy.

“Everything has gone really good. I haven’t had any troubles at all. I can’t even tell that I had surgery,” she said. “I have a couple of friends who have had the same surgery as me and they didn’t come to Labette Health. There’s a big difference.”

Since her surgery Mallory is still involved in all her favorite sports – “if not better than I was before!” “I’d like to thank Dr. Mosier and Labette Health for giving me such a great recovery.”

“Can’t tell I had surgery!”

-Mallory Flowers, Chanute, Student and Athlete


“No Pain!”

Keith Lanning has been selling cars for 26 years, spending most of that time walking on concrete.   “I was in severe pain with my knee and I had to do something so I was recommended to see Dr. Meister and Labette Health,” he said.

Dr. Meister ordered x-rays and – after discussing various options with Keith – determined knee replacement surgery would be the best.   Several weeks prior to surgery, Keith and his wife participated in Labette Health’s Joint Camp which they found to be “very, very helpful.”

“They went over a lot of things that helped prepare for the surgery and also for after the surgery,” he said.  “I keep the book on hand still today.”

Upon arriving for surgery that first day “everything just clicked,” he said. “Everything was perfect…everybody was just in place and it was wonderful.” His first experience was so positive, Keith has since returned for knee replacement on his left knee.  “My experience with Labette Health and Dr. Meister with my knee replacement has brought back wonderful things in life,” Keith said.

 “It’s just like it was before…no pain.”

 –Keith Lanning, Independence, Automobile Salesman


“It’s great!”

Parsons barber Larry Yockey spent a lot of time on his feet.   About 15 years ago, the pain in his knees began getting progressively worse.   “I’d go to work sometimes and, maybe after two hours, I’d be hurting so bad that I’d have to go home,” he said.   “I was in severe pain….it was as simple as that.”

Larry said this went on every day of his life until he was referred to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Meister at Labette Health.   “He pretty much assured me that my pain would go away – and it has!” he said.   “I have absolutely no pain whatsoever after both knee replacements.”  Larry says he can walk again and keep up with his wife, a very fast walker.   “I’m back to doing things – and I’m serious about this – that I did 30 to 40 years ago,” he said.

“I would recommend Dr. Meister and Labette Health from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

“It’s unreal. It’s unimaginable. It’s great!”

Larry Yockey, Parsons, Barber


“This is the place to come.”

As a registered nurse with a degree in education, and a former Labette Health orthopedic nurse, Reginia Harmison understood what was happening to the cartilage in her joints.

“I have osteoarthritis…it becomes bone-on-bone and at that point it becomes very painful,” she said. Over the course of months, Reginia had total hip and both knees replaced by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Mosier at Labette Health.

“It’s been amazing, the results from those three surgeries,” she said.  “What comes at the end is mobility.  She didn’t need to use pain pills. “I often think of what would happen if the surgeons didn’t have the knowledge to do joint replacement,” she said.  “I know I would be wheelchair-bound.”

Regina liked knowing excellent care was so close and easily accessible.  “It’s so important not to have to fly somewhere or drive hours to find a place that gives excellent care.”

She remembers horror stories from other people who have been in large metropolitan hospitals and just smiles.  “I’m glad I’m in this one,” she said.  “This is the place to come.” ____________________________________________________________________

Tommy John Surgery

Dear Dr. Mosier,

In March of this year our son, Matthew, was injured while playing baseball for Labette Community College.  He was referred to you for consultation and subsequently reconstructive surgery.

Matthew returned home to Ottawa, Canada mid May with instructions for his continuing rehabilitation.  He has completed his physiotherapy and is being followed by a top orthopedic Doctor at the Ottawa General Hospital.  Every medical professional he has seen has been extremely impressed by the quality of the surgery and recovery process while in Parsons.

Due to the excellent care he received by you, Matthews’ recovery is far exceeding expectations.  He has full range of motion now and his future looks bright. We just wanted to share this information with you and express our heartfelt gratitude for the excellent care you and your staff gave our son while he was so far away from home.

Sincerely, Margaret & Michel (parents) Ontario, Canada


“I couldn’t be happier.”

Mary Hughes is well-known in the Parsons area for her volunteer work and her pies.  Her pastries have brought hundreds of dollars at charity auctions.  So when osteoarthritis in her shoulder and knee threatened to slow her down, she chose replacement surgery with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Meister at Labette Health.

“The shoulder went well, so I got the knee done,” she said.  “I have no pain.” Going through Joint Camp helped prepare Mary for her surgeries and what to expect every step of the way.  She was impressed with the number of people from all over southeast Kansas who were there for treatment.

From surgery through follow-up exercises, the staff became like family, she said.  “I had a hard time breaking away,” she laughs.  “They had to kick me out!” Having orthopedic surgery at Labette Health was a good experience, she said.  “They did a great job of taking care of me.”

“I liked not having to go to the city to have it done,” she said.  “We have nationally known orthopedic surgeons and they do a good job, so why go any place else?”  “I couldn’t be happier.” ____________________________________________________________________

“I don’t have any pain!”

Homemaker, gardener, and golfer Sophia Zetmeir is very active and spends a lot of time outdoors.  Her first experience with joint surgery at Labette Health was for a torn rotator cuff three years ago after a bad fall.

She healed quickly.  But then she went to Italy.  After doing all the tourist things, walking all the stairs and sidewalks, her knee wouldn’t stop hurting.  Back home, injections failed to relieve the pain.

Labette Health orthopedic specialist Dr. Kevin Mosier recommended total knee replacement surgery.  He told her “you can’t straighten it because it’s bone-on-bone.” “I know enough that the pain is not going to stop without the surgery,” she said.  She realized that it was just not going to get any better if she continued to wait.

Having the surgery available right here in Parsons was important to her, too.  “It’s hard for people to go and have to stay in Wichita or Springfield or Joplin,” she said. Within a week of having knee surgery, Sophia could put weight on it again.

“I remember getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I realized – it didn’t hurt!  I was very pleased.  I can walk stairs,” she said. “I don’t have any pain.” ____________________________________________________________________

“It was the right thing to do.”  

Born and raised in southeast Kansas, Mike Lewark traveled extensively across the United States with his job.  He chose to retire to Pittsburg about 12 years ago.  He’s always been active in sports – baseball, football, golf, fishing, and bowling.  About two years ago he noticed a great deal of pain and popping in his left shoulder.

Those years of heavy sports activity had taken its toll. Treating the pain with over-the-counter arthritis medication no longer worked and Mike decided he needed to do something about it.  He asked Labette Health orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Meister, “Do you do shoulder replacement?”

After an examination, replacement surgery was determined to be the best course of action. “I felt better right after surgery than I had in the last couple of years.  There was no pain to speak of.  I felt so good,” he said.

Mike is back to playing golf again, swinging, chipping and putting using the proper moves learned in physical therapy following surgery.  “I should have done this two years ago!” he laughs.  “You can’t ask for much better for a small town hospital.  I’m very appreciative,” he said.  “It was the right thing to do!”


Hip Replacement Surgery  

Dear Dr. Mosier,

Thanks so much for everything you and all of your staff have done for me before and after my hip replacement.  You gave me my life back and got rid of my pain.

Thanks again,

Jonathon T.